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Entrepreneurial Thinking for Educators

4-hour PD workshop

In the world our students will inhabit, change and uncertainty are the norm. Entrepreneurs thrive in such environments.

Fortunately, the basic entrepreneurial process isn't all that complicated, just unfamiliar to many people.

If you’re curious about how to bring entrepreneurial approaches to your classroom, let us bring our workshop to your school or team.

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STEAMFest Best Business Winner

The Cooperatory would like to congratulate Mikael Steinman, the winner of our Best Business contest with his idea for Allow It!. Way to go Mikael!

Thank you to all STEAMFest attendees who entered our contest - there were many great entries. Awesome to see so many creative thinkers!


Some creative thinking and entrepreneurial resources for you:

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September 5,6 2015

See us at STEAMFest at the Boulder County Fairgrounds